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Detail of the air conditioning button inside a car

All-round servicing, repair and maintenance team for vehicle air conditioning

Warm air instead of cold air? Not nearly enough power? Bad smell? If your AC is showing these kinds of symptoms, it’s time to get it checked out at our garage. Call Whitehill Service Station in Henley-on-Thames to enquire.

There're a lot of ways for your AC system to play up

It might be blowing hot air on a sweltering day in the middle of summer. It might not even be blowing at all. And if that's happening on a cold weekday morning in January, suddenly it's no longer a 30 second job to defrost your windscreen before heading off to work. It might be the right temperature and the right amount of power, but the bad odour suggests you’ve got a lot of mould and mildew building up in your system. At best, it’s uncomfortable and inconvenient. At worst, there’s the potential for very real health complaints. If you're seeing issues like these with your AC, It needs a closer look and our mechanics are qualified to do it.

Level 3 certified for air conditioning work

Whether it’s a repair, a service or all-round maintenance, Whitehill Service Station can oversee every aspect, from the detection and fixing of leaks to the replacement of compressors and filters. Each member of the team is Level 3 certified in automotive refrigerant handling. And given we’re a member of the Bosch garage network (we were rated ‘Outstanding’ by Bosch during our last Service Quality Audit), you can bank on our team delivering the right fix and getting your AC system working. There’s a 1 year / 12,000 mile warranty on labour and a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty with any replacement part. Don’t like the idea of being without your car while we get it fixed? Then let us know, we’ll be happy to provide you with a courtesy car!

Conditioner and air flow control in a modern car

Why get a AC fix from Whitehill?

  • Repair, servicing and maintenance solution

  • Anything from replacing filters to fixing leaks

  • Qualified in automotive refrigerant handling

  • ‘Outstanding’ rating from Bosch

  • Warranties on labour and parts

  • Courtesy car available if required

  • Established 1978

car air condition system
If your AC system needs repairing, servicing or maintaining, get in touch with Whitehill Service Station

Call now on 01491 573430

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